about ESGRater



Scrutinizing more than 100 indicators ESGRater assesses whether a company complies with thousands of environmental responsibilities, from resource use, emissions to innovation.


Assessing over 120 indicators ESGRater estimates companies’ compliance with a very large number of social responsibilities including workforce, human rights, community and product responsibilities.


ESGRater analysis more than 115 indicators to assess the likelihood that any company complies with a complex system of governance responsibilities covering management, shareholders and CSR strategy.

ESGRater – Predictive ESG with AI – is an empowered ESG analysis methodology that predicts which companies will comply with Environmental, Social, and Governance responsibilities. It also predicts which companies are likely to have a controversy relating to any of the Environmental, Social, and Governance performance areas. With its unique approach and leveraging state-of-the-art AI,ESGRater identifies sustainable companies with higher accuracy than any other method. ESGRater is the only method with which institutional investors can predict companies’ compliance with ESG responsibilities and use the accurate ESGRater predictions for avoiding investment in non-compliant companies.