ESGRater for GICS

ESGRater is by far the most intelligent and accurate ESG assessment method available today and the only method for which there is scientific evidence of its validity. It separately assesses the E, S, and G of nearly 10,000 of the world's largest companies, which is about 30,000 individual rating estimations and provides detailed explanation in 30,000 graphs. Graphs pinpoint which company ESG features that contribute the most to the ratings and which aspects are less relevant. ESGRater measures the extent that a company comprehensively complies with environmental, social, and governance responsibilities. It considers more than 100 indicators from each of the topics, E, S and G, including GICS sector, industry group, industry, and sub-industry. In fact, ESGRater uses sector, industry group- and industry, and sub-industry-specific knowledge when assessing each company. This means for example that ESGRater views CO₂ as very important for assessing the environmental performance of an energy sector company, but of quite lesser importance when assessing a finance sector company. It even uses company-specific knowledge to adjust its inner logic when assessing each particular company in a manner similar to how human ESG experts would flexibly consider the ‘facts in the case’. Because of the case-based logic of the state-of-the-art AI methods ESGRater incorporates, ESGRater delivers very accurate ESG assessments of each individual company. Furthermore, ESGRater assesses the ESG of sectors, industry groups, industries, and sub-industries with the same accuracy. We offer the only product that can do this.