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Predictive ESG Analysis


AoAI is a data science company with a world-class AI-development team. We are computer science PhDs who believe that AI can solve some of the most difficult problems of our time – one of them undoubtedly being ESG analysis. We use AI to build relevant and compelling analytics products for the finance industry, so unique that they cannot be bought anywhere else. We do this through innovation, always following our passion. We work in Stockholm with its innovation rate second only to Silicon Valley and in Melbourne which is becoming the world’s center of impact investing. Our flagship product is ESGAI, which uses AI to predict the extent to which any company complies with social responsibilities. No other product in the world can do this.


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AI-empowered ESG Analysis


Scrutinizing more than 100 indicators ESGAI assesses whether a company complies with thousands of environmental responsibilities, from resource use, emissions to innovation.


ESGAI analyses more than 115 indicators to assess the likelihood that any company complies with a complex system of governance responsibilities covering management, shareholders and CSR strategy.

about ESGAI


ESGAI – Predictive ESG with AI – is an AI-empowered ESG analysis methodology that predicts which companies will comply with Environmental, Social, and Governance responsibilities. It also predicts which companies are likely to have a controversy relating to any of the Environmental, Social, and Governance performance areas. With its unique approach and leveraging state-of-the-art AI, ESGAI identifies sustainable companies with higher accuracy than any other method. ESGAI is the only method with which institutional investors can predict companies’ compliance with ESG responsibilities and use the accurate ESGAI predictions for avoiding investment in non-compliant companies.



The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS)

ESGAI is a software that analyses ESG with amazing accuracy and coverage. Far beyond what simplistic ESG ratings do, ESGAI accomplishes the level of analysis achievable only by highly skilled ESG experts in the most accomplished asset management departments. Furthermore, ESGAI does weeks and months of manual work in minutes achieving a level of accuracy in estimation hard to match for any human expert. The incredible performance of ESGAI is made possible by intelligent deployment of the most advanced machine learning models known to research.




ESGAI separately assesses the E, S, and G of nearly 10,000 of the world's largest companies, which is about 30,000 individual rating estimations and provides detailed explanation in 30,000 graphs of which company ESG features that contribute the most to the ratings. ESGAI measures how well every single company comprehensively complies with its environmental, social, and governance responsibilities. It considers more than 100 indicators from each area, E, S and G, including GICS sector, GICS industry group and GICS industry. In fact, ESGAI uses sector, industry group- and industry-specific knowledge when assessing each company. This means for example that ESGAI views CO2 as very important for assessing the environmental performance of an energy sector company, but of quite lesser importance when assessing a finance sector company. It even uses company-specific knowledge to adjust its inner logic when assessing each particular company in a manner similar to how human ESG experts would flexibly consider the ‘facts in the case’. Because of the case-based logic of the state-of-the-art AI methods ESGAI is built on, ESGAI delivers very accurate ESG assessments not of an average, sector-typical company, but of each individual company. Furthermore, ESGAI assesses the ESG of sectors, industry groups and industries with the same accuracy. We offer the only product that can do this.



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